Trak is a specialised children's stroller that is very helpful when transporting children who are unable to move by themselves and sit in the correct position. This stroller is aimed at children who are over eight months old.

Trak stroller is a product that guarantees excellent stabilisation of the head, torso and pelvis. Its goal is to help to maintain the correct sitting position during the child's transportation. The correct sitting position, accomplished by many hours of hard work with the physiotherapist, should be protected and continued in the stroller.

Advantages Trak

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Trak offers a lot of features that are common for regular strollers, such as:

  • Anatomically correct seating
  • Large wheels
  • Innovative folding system

Other important features:

  • Foldable frame with seating
  • Adjustable seat with depth and width regulation
  • Backrest with height regulation
  • Adjustable backrest tilt
  • Adjustable seat tilt
  • Independent regulation of hip and chest supporters
  • Regulated angle and height of footrests
  • Multifunctional cover

The orthopaedic seat is a friendly and functional device both for the patient and the carer:

  • allows correction or support for postural defects; it allows the child's spine and pelvis to be set correctly
  • fits user's anatomical shape perfectly
  • the innovative construction of back support imitating human spine
  • compact construction allowing to take sitting or reclining position
  • change of settings with easily accessible switches
  • the seat ’grows’ with its user; it ensures long usage without the need to change the device
  • system of comfortable and independently adjustable armrests
  • safe and hypoallergenic upholstery complying with Öko-Tex standards
  • flexible configuration of the seat depending on the needs; the basic version with the wide range of additional options (footrest, vest, headrest, arm supports)
  • modern design


For whom? Trak

The special children's wheelchair TRAK is intended for children weighing up to 36 kg with three or four-limb paralysis and paresis, in unilateral or crossed two-limb paralysis.

The product is perfect for patients with the following diseases:

  • cerebral palsy,
  • muscular dystrophies,
  • infestations of various origins,
  • spine dislocation,
  • spinal hernias,
  • conditions after spinal injuries,
  • conditions after craniocerebral injuries,
  • post-stroke conditions,
  • posture defects, in particular scoliosis of the spine.

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