The Headpod® is a dynamic head suspension system for low muscle tone in the neck and back. 

Headpod® maintains an upright and physiologically correct position allowing the head to rotate with total precision, The head can move in any direction except downwards, making the Headpod® unique. 

Compared to other devices, that are restrictive and static, you will find a variety of secondary benefits that follow from physiological positioning that is both natural and healthy.

Advantages Baffin Headpod ®

  • Positions the head in the correct position while facilitating mobility and rotation, and helps to build neck muscles,
  • Facilitates feeding at mealtimes,
  • Helps prevent musculoskeletal deformities, contractures and the pain associated with them,
  • Allows for better visual interaction with surroundings,
  • Allows the user to have a focused and balanced posture and more relaxed muscle tone with less dystonia, helps while carrying out any activity, such as those related to physical therapy, speech therapy, education, occupational therapy, enabling better school performance,
  • Allows for easier breathing, thus reducing complications such as respiratory failure, pneumonia, bronchiectasis etc,
  • Improves hand to eye coordination,
  • Decreases drooling,
  • Improves ergonomics and prevents injury to care-giving professionals.

For whom Baffin Headpod ®

Children between 2 and 12 years old unable to sustain the weight of their own head due to neck weakness, provided that there is no high extensor tone in the trunk or significant deformities on it. Examples are cerebral palsy, neurological diseases and syndromes or conditions causing hypotonia of the neck muscles.

It can also help children older than 12 years old and adults with low muscle tone and no significant kyphosis or spinal deformities.

Headpod® is not recommended for people with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS).

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