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Patented solution for children and adults who are confined to wheelchairs. The product comfortably and gently holds the head upright in a versatile, non-restrictive manner. Suitable for all wheelchairs equipped with a headrest and special car seats.

  • Highest quality materials and standard compliance
  • Crash tested
  • Attaches easily to any wheelchair headrest
  • Fits any car seat
  • Machine washable
  • 3 forehead arc size options are available; you can adjust the exact fit to any user.

Some users can get additional benefits from our unique, innovative Occipital Support cushion, an optional add-on to the HEADALOFT™.

Advantages HEADALOFT ™

Headaloft Advantages
Advantages Headaloft

Better Body Symmetry - Supporting the head and aligning the body centralizes the head in an upright position, which helps relieve aches and pains and enhances self-esteem.

Smoother Breathing - Lifting the head up opens the airways, letting in more oxygen.

Easier Eating/Swallowing - Keeping the head elevated reduces choking hazards for both solids and liquids while ensuring an easier feeding experience for caregivers and smoother swallowing for the user.

Enhanced Communication - Better eye contact heightens social engagement, while open airways make talking easier.

Eye Gaze Control - Users gain the ability to practice eye-gaze control which allows for expanded learning opportunities and greater fulfillment potential.

Ergonomic Neck Support - Padded, breathable, and washable all-day comfort. With its unique occipital support add-on, the neck is supported, greatly reducing the level of stress on the neck as well as aches and pains.

Quality Napping - Whether in a wheelchair, stroller, or car seat, comfortable head support improves the quality of sleep and reduces aches and pains.

Sore Prevention - Wheelchair users whose heads are continuously falling (whether back, front or to the side) can say goodbye to neck pressure sores.

Enjoyment of Entertainment - TV, computer, books, video games, concerts, plays, social interactions, and more are all now more accessible.




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