Baffin neoSIT

Baffin neoSIT™

Baffin neoSIT™ is a paediatric orthopaedic chair with built-in Second Spine® Technology which helps support the head and the whole length of the back. It enables anatomical or corrective adjustment of the back.

It consists of a seat, castor wheels with locks, pelvic belt, armrests, vest, side supports, hip supports, knee-pads, leg abduction belts, push handle, footrests with foot belts.

Baffin neoSIT™ is covered in a breathable and washable upholstery and is available in 3 sizes: Small, Medium and Large for children between 85cm and 130cm (2’9” - 4’3”) tall.

Advantages Baffin neoSIT™

Due to the innovative system of built-in spine, side supports and pelvis correction, Baffin neoSIT™ is a perfect device for occupational therapists, helping them to put the patient in a sitting position.  

Thanks to its simplicity, it can be used at rehabilitation centres and at home to continue the therapy. 

Spinal support along the whole back line helps to reduce pressure on a single vertebra.  

Baffin neoSIT™ establishes a correct sitting position. 

The patient equipped with the device may take part in educational activities, occupational therapy and in play. 

It facilitates cognitive functions and activates the child.

The orthopaedic seat is a friendly and functional device both for the patient and the carer:

  • allows correction or support for postural defects; it allows the child's spine and pelvis to be set correctly
  • fits to user's anatomical shape perfectly
  • innovative construction of back support imitating human spine
  • compact construction allowing to take sitting or reclining position
  • change of settings with easily accessible switches
  • the seat ’grows’ with its user; it ensures long usage without the need to change the device
  • system of comfortable and independently adjustable armrests
  • safe and hypoallergenic upholstery complying with Öko-Tex standards
  • flexible configuration of the seat depending on the needs; basic version with the wide range of additional options (footrest, vest, headrest, arm supports)
  • modern design


For whom? Baffin neoSIT™

Baffin neoSIT™ is aimed at children who are unable to sit unaided.  It can be used in conditions where children have lost this function temporarily or permanently or when it has not yet been developed.

Amongs others, Baffin neoSIT™ can be used in the following conditions:

  • cerebral palsy,
  • muscular dystrophy,
  • paralyses of various etiology,
  • spina bifida,
  • myelomeningocele,
  • condition after a spinal injury,
  • condition after a craniocerebral trauma,
  • condition after strokes,
  • postural defects, particularly scoliosis, when a different treatment cannot be used.


  • improving lung ventilation and preventing pneumonia,
  • treating and slowing down the progress of scoliosis,
  • creating correct sitting pattern.

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