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Baffin Baggy

Baffin Buggy™

Baffin Buggy™ is an adaptive stroller for children who require full upper body support in sitting and lying position. Thanks to the innovative system of built-in.

Second Spine® Technology, side support and adjustable tilt angle of the seat, this stroller allows to easily put a child in a sitting or lying position. 

Spinal support alone the whole of the back helps reduce pressure on individual vertebrae.

Baffin Buggy™ can be either forward or parent facing. It is designed for children up to 125cm (4’1”) tall and weighing up to 22kg/ 48.5lb/3st.

Advantages Baffin Buggy ™

Adventages Baffin Baggy

Due to the innovative system of built-in Second Spine®, side supports and adjustable tilt angle of the seat, Baffin Buggy is an excellent stroller which ensures easier setting of a young child in sitting or lying position. 

Spinal support along the whole backline helps to reduce pressure on a single vertebra, while multi-positioning enables the change of an axial tension vector. 

Thanks to the easy adjustment of the backrest tilt and the whole seat, using the stroller is easy and effortless.

Baffin Buggy™ enables establishing a correct sitting position; it is essential for the stimulation of psychomotor development. Comfortable and safe movement outdoors has a substantial positive influence both on children and their carers.

  • modern design
  • excellent ability to fit child's anatomical shape
  • the innovative construction of back support imitating human spine
  • possibility to take sitting and lying position while maintaining full-body support
  • multi-positioning
  • adjustable backrest tilt
  • adjustable seat tilt
  • adjustable footrest tilt
  • forward or parent-facing seat
  • foldable frame
  • system of the adjustable chest, hip and head support

For whom? Baffin Buggy ™

Baffin Buggy™ is designed for children up to 22kg (48.5Ib) in weight. It is an excellent product to use by patients with the following conditions:

  • cerebral palsy
  • muscular dystrophies
  • various kinds of paralyses
  • spina bifida
  • myelomeningocele
  • conditions after a spine injury
  • conditions after a craniocerebral trauma
  • conditions after strokes
  • postural defects, particularly scoliosis

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