Toby and Baffin TRIO™

Toby and Baffin TRIO™

Toby is now 10 years old and is diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy, Dystonia and Epilepsy (Lennox Gastaut Syndrome) plus Hip dysplasia which he underwent reconstructive surgery in 2019.

Toby has very little head control or controlled movements, so other standers that he has used before have been unable to meet his needs. He needed a device that worked around him rather than forcing him into positions that he couldn't maintain.  

In 2020 at the start of the pandemic, we received the Baffin Trio, and life dramatically changed for Toby and for us as a family. From day 1 it was clear that Toby loved standing in the Trio and became grumpy when we moved the Trio to the seated position! The positioning of all of the elements on the Trio allows Toby's posture to be aligned and supported perfectly whilst giving him an upright view of the world like his peers.  

Prior to receiving the Trio, Toby hadn't been able to stand for almost 4 years and our concerns that he wouldn't manage it were completely put at ease by the Baffin physio Simon, who not only took into account all of Toby's medical background but assessed Toby's responses and position continuously throughout the fitting session.  

Within a few minutes of working with Simon from Baffin, we were confident that this was the right item for Toby and over a year on, and we are 100% sure it is. The seat-to-stander smooth transition is absolutely amazing for Toby and his carers. He stands multiple times throughout the day for up to an hour each time without the need to hoist in and out! To get the same position changes, you would need 3 different pieces of equipment to allow seating, standing and lying, yet the Trio does it in one. We were also able to show Toby's school the improvement in him and his ability to engage at school when he is in the Trio, and they now have one for Toby in school, so he gets to stand or sit out of his wheelchair for all of his school activities too.

The Trio really has been life changing for Toby. He loves standing, and the improvements in his respiratory health, digestion, hip positioning, and posture are amazing, topped off by being able to be taken off some of his medications due to those changes.

All in all, we would not be able to recommend the Baffin Trio highly enough. The Baffin team have been so supportive and definitely have had Toby's needs as their priority throughout.

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