Oscar and Baffin Automatic™

Oscar and Baffin Automatic

Oscar is a 6 years old boy and has got BAFFIN AUTOMATIC since he was 3. He sits in our equipment most of the time during the day when he is at home. He stands up at least once for about 30 minutes. He likes to play in our device with his toys.

Oscar’s mum Izabella loves our equipment. She said that she feels that her son is safe and well protected in our equipment and his posture looks much better than in any other device, that’s why she would love to have one at school for Oscar as well.

Izabella admitted that at the beginning she was a bit scared in putting Oscar in BAFFIN AUTOMATIC but after some training and experience it’s really easy for her. What is really important is that she can do it on her own without any third party assistance.

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