Oliver and Baffin Automatic

Oliver and Baffin Automatic

Oliver Spencer is a 7-year-old boy who has got our BAFFIN AUTOMATIC for nearly two years now. He’s had a trial at Birmingham hospital in 2017. Olly, his family and physio really liked the product, so they’ve tried to get it through their local authority. After six months, BAFFIN AUTOMATIC was with Olly at home.

Before this equipment, Olly has had two different standing frames that he really didn’t like to use. There was always a problem to put him in them and use as Olly was screaming, showing his disapproval.

Oliver uses our chair six days a week - Monday to Saturday as Sunday is a lazy day. He spends in our device about 4 hours and stands for over an hour. He loves to spend time in our chair. Olly does different sorts of activities in our device such as cooking, painting, colouring and many more.

Olly’s father - Russell - who spends with him a lot of time said that using BAFFIN AUTOMATIC is really easy. Transferring his son from the bed to the chair is simple and making sure he is strapped ready to stand doesn’t take him too much time. There is less transferring, as he can even change him in the chair, which makes it less stressful for both of them.

Russell said that he can see improvement in a lot of different areas. He stands nice and straight like he couldn’t in other devices, Oliver’s heart rate is significantly better, his not suffering from chest infections that often and what is really important he is more awake and wants to be active.

In overall Russell is very pleased with our BAFFIN AUTOMATIC device and would recommend it without a doubt.

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