Matthew and Baffin Trio™

Matthew and Baffin Trio


Matthew is 23, he has dystonic cerebral palsy. Good positioning is key to his well being in life and maintaining his joints and where possible preventing contractures.

During the lockdown, we decided to go ahead and purchase the Baffin. Physio visits had been cancelled, and so were all other activities, so it seemed the obvious therapy and practical solution during a time when he was restricted so much. So far he has been enjoying his time in it. On one occasion, returning to sitting, he slept for 2 hours, he was so comfortable! It is so much better than his previous standing frame.  His position and tone are altogether improved once he is in it, and he can do fun stuff, like even being in the garden, on a nice day.

Thank you Baffin for making a difference to his daily life!

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