Alfie and Baffin TRIO™

Alfie and Baffin TRIO

“Alfie is 12 years old, he has quadriplegic cerebral palsy and severe dystonia. In the last two years standing has become painful for Alfie at times because of the dystonia. Any weight bare is painful but Standing is good for him and we are told that by occupational therapists, physiotherapists and consultants.

Position changes are challenging because of his strength and extra movements, so when we found the Baffin TRIO™ it was a great alternative for Alfie.

He can weight bare for a few minutes then sit down to alleviate the pain, or even lay down if he wants to, and then repeat. No hoisting into different equipment after a few minutes of toleration; just a good range of position changing without the hassle.

Very pleased with it.”

Samantha Buck

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