Alex and Baffin Automatic™

Alex and Baffin Automatic

The story of how Baffin Automatic changed our life… to put it shortly - A LOT!


Alex is suffering from a very rare and debilitating genetic disorder called H-ABC (that progressively damages his nervous system) and other comorbidities. As a result, he is unable to stand, sit or even have his head straight. Till February 2021, we have used both the chair and a standing frame from a different producer. But saying that we “used’ them is a gross exaggeration. Alex hated this equipment, he cried each time we wanted to sit him in them. More than one time, he bit his tongue as the equipment did not provide sufficient head support. His knees were touching themselves and he was angry and stiffened in his chair, which actually made him go to a half-sitting position. Finally, we got help from Marzena and Szymon, who introduced us to Baffin Automatic, and since February of 2021, we are happy to use their equipment. Alex loved Baffin immediately! He started to sit and stand each day with great pleasure, no more crying, no more head falling.

At last, he can be as active as he can be considering his condition. Each day we use Baffin for a couple of hours, Alex can play with his toys in an ideal position. His charts from May show that his scoliosis does not progress.



- correct sitting and standing position;

- in Alex’s case, excellent head support;

- very easy to manage, not time-consuming at all, which makes it a lot less stressful for my son to change positions;

- it takes significantly less space at home;

- the battery is powerful; since February, we have had to charge it only once.



- none! 



Marzena and Szymon, we thank you both so much again!

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