Why choose equipment with the Second Spine® Technology?

Little boy in Baffin Automatic - supine position

The Second Spine® Technology is designed to allow the anatomical mapping of the patient's spinal curvatures.

This unique and patented technology allows passive correction of the spine in a seated position.

It allows you to consolidate the correct pattern sitting position and supports the entire length of the back to reduce the pressure on the individual vertebrae.

The Second Spine® Technology enables progress in the rehabilitation process.


The correct posture improves the quality of life; it allows the three primary systems: respiratory, circulatory and the digestive system to work correctly.

passive correction

The Second Spine® Technology, which includes side supports, hips support and a seat featuring a new balance system, creates optimal positioning of the user's spine and pelvis.

The Second Spine® Technology offers continuous rehabilitation at home or school with no stress to the patient giving fantastic results.

One of our Client’s feedback: ”Seeing our son no longer in fear of transferring from several pieces of equipment each day and replacing it with a great big smile on his face means the world to us as parents.

Being comfortable throughout the day and having quality time together makes our world complete with the Baffin TRIO™. To watch our son enjoy the life around him instead of worrying about what comes next makes an extremely happy home. Thank you.” Joann

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