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Baffin Technology Systems Goes Down Under to Help Harry

Eleven-year-old Harry Doyle from Sydney, Australia recently received his Trio standing frame from UK based Baffin Technology Systems and he is already seeing huge benefits. Harry was born with complex conditions which include Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy, severe scoliosis and Epilepsy. Harry is also non-verbal and requires 1 to 1 care on a full-time basis. As a result of these conditions, Harry’s bones break easily while his curved spine impacts on his internal organs.

To help Harry build up his bone density he requires daily weight bearing exercises and this is where the Trio is making a huge difference. With Harry’s previous standing equipment, it took two people to set him up in it and as he had to be hoisted into position, strapped in and elevated it was very time consuming and if he wasn’t in the 100% correct position he would slip down or put additional pressure on his bent leg. All this manual handling also increased the risk of Harry suffering a spontaneous bone break and only trained staff at school could help.

So five months ago Karan started to looking for an alternative solution as she wanted to increase his standing time and bone density prior to his planned spinal surgery in 2022. “As soon as I saw the Trio from Baffin Technology on Facebook it looked so different but wasn’t available here in Australia so I kept looking, however I kept going back to it as I truly believed it was what Harry needed. I got in touch with Marzena and her colleague Simon in the UK who were just amazing and with the help of Harry’s Physio I completed their check chart after which they arranged a video conference with me to clarify all measurements to ensure the Trio was built to Harry’s exact requirements” continued Karan.

Harry has now been using his Baffin Trio for six weeks and Karan and Harry’s OT and physio have all been hugely impressed with the difference it has made to Harry already. “The Trio is amazing; Harry finds it very comfortable and supportive and the fact we can adjust him from sitting to standing at the touch of a button with no manual handling is fantastic. But what really sets the Trio apart from anything I have seen before is the Second Spine® Technology as Harry’s physio was able to set it to support Harry’s crooked spine and he no longer leans to the left which is great for his posture. I cannot thank Marzena and everyone at Baffin Technology enough for what they have done for Harry and I would not hesitate to recommend them to any family in a similar situation to us” concluded Karan.

Over the past 6 years, Baffin Technology Systems has helped countless families in the UK looking for help with transferring their child from a sitting to standing position and the company is delighted to now be helping families further afield as founder Marzena Komisarczuk commented: “Hearing such positive feedback from Karan and Harry’s OT and physio is incredibly rewarding and the reason I set up Baffin Technology Systems in the first place so more children could benefit from transferring from a sitting to standing position without unnecessary pain”.

The Trio standing frame features Baffin’s patented and innovative Second Spine® Technology system and pioneering balance seat which have been designed to create and support optimal positioning of the user’s spine and pelvis. In addition, this technology helps to prevent or significantly slow down the development of certain conditions and all this can be achieved while the user remains comfortable.

Second Spine® Technology achieves this by anatomically mapping the patient's spinal curvatures to allow passive correction of the spine in a seated position by supporting the entire length of the back to reduce pressure on the individual vertebrae. By doing this, the Second Spine Technology also helps to prevent further distortions.

The Sit to Stand devices available from Baffin Technology are truly multifunctional as the user can sit up, lie down, and stand up (3 in 1) at the touch of a button on the remote control without the need to be transferred to another piece of equipment. Placing a child in a standing position is time consuming and can often cause more stress and result in an incorrect spinal position. Parents who are already using our chairs have commented on how amazing it is to finally be able to move their child from sitting to standing in just a few minutes and this has been echoed by physiotherapists who are involved in their day-to-day care.

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