Why choose equipment with the Second Spine® Technology?
22 maj 2018, 10:08
The Second Spine® Technology is designed to allow the anatomical mapping of the patient's spinal curvatures. This unique and patented technology…
Head and Neck Stabilisation
17 kwi 2019, 10:08
There are five vital organs essential for survival. These are the brain, kidneys, lungs and liver. The brain is the body’s control centre; it receives…
Natural Body Alignment
17 kwi 2019, 10:08
Reflex response is a basic movement aiming at maintaining upright body position. Static reflexes, also called postural reflexes are responsible for…
Baffin Technology Systems Goes Down Under to Help Harry
19 sty 2022, 10:22
Eleven-year-old Harry Doyle from Sydney, Australia recently received his Trio standing frame from UK based Baffin Technology Systems and he is already…

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